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ABC Mouse App [abcmouse] – Gunjan App Studio, Kiddopia App, Gunjan Apps Shark Tank

ABC Mouse App [abcmouse] – Gunjan App Studio, Kiddopia App, Gunjan Apps Shark Tank. is a subscription-based educational website for kids ages 2 to 8. This new mobile app assists in developing the mind, vital thinking, communication, and innovation skills. ABCmouse download is provided for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android systems and on desktops (Laptops, PCs, and Mac computers).

ABC Mouse App – Gunjan App Studio Shark Tank

ABCmouse has over 10,000 understanding stirs for kindergarten, preschool, and early elementary school. is secure for kids and does not feature external links, advertisements, or notifications., an online Early Learning Academy, especially in the online curriculum for children ages two to 8 years, provides a 30-day free trial. ABCMouse’s free trial of 30 days gives you ingress to the educational website’s 10,000 events in science, reading, math, and art. 

Gunjan App Studio, kiddopia App – Highlights

App NamesABC Mouse App, and Kiddopia App
Article ForABC Mouse App [abcmouse] – Gunjan App Studio, kiddopia App, Gunjan Apps shark tank
Apps available forAndroid, and iOS
Apps available onGoogle Play Store
ABC Mouse App New Version8.49.0
kiddopia App New Version6.4.1

ABC Mouse App 2023 Latest Version

घटनाएँ प्रत्येक आयु वर्ग के अनुरूप होती हैं, और निरीक्षण प्रक्रिया पुष्टि करती है कि आपके बच्चे के कार्य उनके स्तर के लिए उपयुक्त हैं। इन-ऐप कार्यों के साथ-साथ, आप हज़ारों प्रिंट-ऑफ ईवेंट से लाभ उठा सकते हैं। यदि आपके बच्चे को स्क्रीन से थोड़ा समय चाहिए, तो यह उनके लिए एक सहज शैक्षिक अवसर प्रदान करने का एक शानदार तरीका है।

Information About ABC Mouse App 8.49.0

ABCmouse app is one of the finest preschool learning portals for kids ages two years to 8 years. The Early Learning Academy is a comprehensive online curriculum for pre-k, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade levels, involving greater than 10,000 learning events in reading, math, starting science, social studies, art, and music.

  • Devices: iPad, Android, and iPhone
  • Price: Free
  • Ages: Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years), Primary School Apps (5-7 Years), Apps for 12-18 Months, and Primary School Apps (7-11 Years).
  • Category: Science, Maths, and English / Literacy.
  • Skills: Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Creative Development, Self-Direction, Organisational and Productivity Skills, Cognitive Development, Academic Relevance, and Reading.
  • Safeguarding:
    • In-App Advertising – No
    • In-App Purchases – Yes
  • Publisher: Age of Learning, Inc.

About GunjanApps Studios

GunjanApps Studios is an Android developer. GunjanApps Studios has been active since 2013. The recent app portfolio comprises 44 apps, most of which are games. A famous app is Learn Add Multiply and Math Games, which is positively ranked in many nations and with over 50 million installations. It is one of the most widespread apps in the Google Play Store.

Shark Tank India Second Season GunjanApps Studios

In this episode of Shark Tank India, GunjanApps Studios, the mobile gaming application for kids, will erect their business vision. Will they be applicable to engrave sharks and get a business deal? Maintain reading to be aware of the details of the pitch.

GunjanApps Studios Founders

Gunjan Gupta and Saurav Gupta are the founders of GunjanApps studios. Both of the founders are from Kolkata state. Saurabh was obtained up in Howrah and had last worked as a software engineer. Gunjan arrives from Uttar Pradesh State.

About Kiddopia App

Kiddopia is a cluster of games and events planned to amuse and educate children. This app is provided for iOS and Android systems, and it is free to download. The Kiddopia app assists in developing cognitive development and is appropriate for kids over one. 

Kiddopia Games is an entertaining app that teaches a type of skills to young kids. It covers everything from colors, shapes, alphabet, logic,  spelling, and patterns to imagination and self-expression. Parents set up games to create the learning procedure fun and instinctive. Kiddopia is totally free to download for iOS (i.e. iPad and iPhone) and Android systems. 

What is Kiddopia?

Each Kiddopia Games kind is classified on the main page, like Learn With Songs, ABC Animal Adventures, Math Whiz, and others. It has a very eclectic set of educational purposes, a few of which are precursors to classroom chapters, such as letters and numbers. Others are more widespread, like community, animal helpers, etc. Creative searches are protected with a musical keyboard, many types of instruments to choose from, and photography stirs that utilize the device’s camera.

Choosing one of the main alternatives generally appears up another selection of activity classes. In turn, many of these have challenges and levels to play. You can also get further updates related to Kiddopia with the help of the below section. It includes many activities with vast play-styles, amusement, and educational coverage.

Important Links:

Jansoochna Portal (Main Page)

Frequently Asked Questions – ABC Mouse App Download

What is the current version of the ABC Mouse App?
The current version of this app is 8.49.0.

Where can I download ABC Mouse App?
You can download this app from Google Play Store.

Which devices support ABC Mouse App?
Android and IOS devices support ABC Mouse App.

Is ABC Mouse App safe?
Yes, ABC Mouse App is totally safe.

Is ABC Mouse App 8.49.0 Free?
Yes, ABC Mouse App 8.49.0 is free.

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