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Sonu Yadav Viral Video Link – Nitish – Viral Boy Sonu Kumar Bihar Nalanda

Viral Boy Sonu Kumar Bihar Nalanda

[Original] Sonu Yadav Viral Video Link – Nitish – Viral Boy Sonu Kumar Bihar Nalanda. Check Instagram, Twitter Viral Video 2023. Full Details Check on this Page.

Sonu Yadav Viral Video Link 2023

A 12-year-old youngster is the latest political star in Bihar. After a video of Sonu Kumar seeking education from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar went popular on social media, political officials from various parties gathered at the student’s home.

In the video, Kumar, a citizen of the Kalyan Bigha village in the Nalanda district, says, “Sir, please provide us with the necessary information. Humko guardian nahi parhne dete hai. Please provide me with some motivation for my studies, Sir. My parents forbid me from studying.”

Nitish Kumar is shown responding to the child’s requests and contacting an authority to investigate. Interestingly, the chief minister is a resident of the Nalanda area.

“I demand that I be given an education. No good education is provided in government schools. My father consumes booze and toddy; he spends all of his money drinkings, Sonu informed reporters following his conversation with Kumar.

Viral Boy Sonu Kumar Bihar Nalanda

Sonu said that he provides tutoring services to generate revenue. However, his father, the milk dealer Ranvijay Yadav, also take away his money.

He added that he attempted to meet Nitish Kumar during his previous rallies but could not do so. He claimed that the prime minister guaranteed his admission to a school during this encounter.

However, Sonu’s charge targeted two key issues in the state: the prohibition of alcohol and the deplorable quality of education. Alcohol prohibition was one of Nitish Kumar’s signature initiatives; he had previously pledged to strictly enforce the prohibition for “social values” and avoid domestic violence.

The opposition has asserted that the prohibition has not been strictly implemented and that alcoholic beverages are marketed illegally at excessive rates.

The state’s educational infrastructure has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and is a notorious problem. The most recent claim worsens the schooling situation in Bihar.

Sonu Kumar Bihar Nalanda Viral Video News : Watch Video

Within days of the video going viral, Sonu Kumar was spotted entertaining state political personalities.

Former Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi visited Sonu Kumar and assured him of admission to the Navoday School. He also promised Sonu a monthly allowance of Rs 2,000 until he passed his matriculation test. The senior BJP politician Sushil Modi has been a coalition partner of Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) in the state cabinet.

Tej Pratap Yadav, the RJD politician, and son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, also spoke with Sonu Kumar. However, Sonu’s bold reaction to Yadav’s plea was an uncomfortable moment for him.

Tej Pratap asked Sonu if he intended to become a physician or an engineer. Sonu stated that he would become an IAS, to which Tej Pratap replied, “When I become a government official, you will serve as an IAS under me.” Sonu immediately said, “Sir, I cannot work for anyone.” According to media sources, Tej Pratap quickly stopped the connection upon this response.

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JAP leader Pappu Yadav, who was in the news for his relief efforts during Covid-19, also visited Sonu’s family, handed him Rs 50,000, and promised lifelong student support.

Sonu Sood, a Bollywood actor, and philanthropist, also agreed to pay for the child’s education and housing at a Patna school.

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