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Mp Rewa Viral Video – Ktm Girl Viral Video Mms Watch Online

Mp Rewa Viral Video – Ktm Girl Viral Video Mms – A very shocking video of Madhya Pradesh has been found. Check out what is so shocking in the video. We have shared the video link at the bottom of the page. To know the whole story, follow the below article.

Mp Rewa Viral Video – The girl was brutally tortured 2023:

A new video is viral on the internet. The video viral is of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. The video is so brutal that even you can’t see it. The video will let you in shock and you can’t believe how some people do such things easily. The video is viral all over social media. In the video, a man is seen beating up a girl very brutally.

The man in the video is Pankaj Tripathi of age 24. In the video, the man & the girl was seen going on the road and suddenly stops the bike. After that, they indulged in some sort of argument. The girl tried to console him or make him understand something. But the Pankaj Tripathi beats her on the road continuously. He kicked his face, and leg many times.

This all made his 19-year-old girlfriend so merciless that she faints. Further, to know more information about what happened after that. Is the girl safe? Check out the full story in the below article. Also, check out what happened next with Pankaj Tripathi in the below article.

rewa viral mms

Overall details about the Ktm Girl Viral Video MMS:

Name of the articleMp Rewa Viral Video – Ktm Girl Viral Video Mms
Article typeViral Video
What is in the videoA man is brutally beating his girlfriend
Name of the manPankaj Tripathi
Lived inMirzapur, Madhya Pradesh

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मध्य प्रदेश के रीवा में प्रेमिका को बुरी तरह पीटने वाले शख्स के घर पर बुलडोजर चला दिया गया है। इस मामले में आरोपी को यूपी के मिर्जापुर से गिरफ्तार किया गया था। उनका नाम पंकज त्रिपाठी है। उम्र 24 साल है। सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल एक वीडियो में वह अपनी 19 साल की गर्लफ्रेंड को इतनी बेरहमी से पीटता है कि वह बेहोश हो जाती है। खबर है कि वीडियो वायरल करने वाले शख्स के खिलाफ भी केस दर्ज किया गया है.

Pankaj Tripathi viral MMS – Is girl safe 2023:

After all the scenarios from beating up his 19-year-old girlfriend till she faints, the video was recorded. Additionally, the nearby people get him and beat him up. Further, the girl was taken to the nearby hospital and her family members were also called. The girl is safe now but still denies complaining against her bf. It is so disturbing to know how young people do such things and even they are not ready to stand against such things.

Pankaj Tripathi gets arrested – Check out all the details below:

The Rewa, Madhya Pradesh incident of Pankaj thriapti and his 19-year-old girlfriend was recorded by some people. After this scenario, the video went over to the police. The police then take action and arrested the accused from Mirzapur in UP. Furthermore, his house was also bulldozed to make him realize his mistake. But eventually, his girlfriend has not complained of him after so much. Bookmark our page to get updates about the Ktm Girl Viral Video Mms.

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