[Assamese Singer] Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link – Instagram, Telegram Leaked Video, MMS

[Assamese Singer] Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link – Instagram, Telegram Leaked Video, MMS Watch Online. Check Kritika Sharma Leaked Video Online.

Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link [Assamese singer] – Telegram, Instagram Leaked Video, MMS: Recently, another online video became popular on all social media sites. This film has spread around the Internet and made its way there. This video features none other than the renowned Assamese vocalist Kritika Sharma.

The video is predominantly sought as Kritika Sharma’s popular video. Read the complete story below if you are one of those who have not yet viewed it and are hunting for the link and the identity of the individual.

About Kritika Sharma

Kritika Sharma is 22 years old. She has lived in Assam my entire life. She is getting a master’s degree in psychology and holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Her life’s path has not been easy, but she is grateful to have had parents who supported her through thick and thin and encouraged and pushed her to achieve more. Her dad is my idol!

Kritika is quite active on social media and frequently posts her daring, charming travel and life events photos and music videos to her 63.9 k Instagram followers.

She said,” I have always been enthusiastic about music. I could give up every other pastime except singing. It has been a part of me since birth. I realized it when I was a bit older and began to hum “soldier, soldier, meethi baatein bol kar.”

She also stated, “I continued to perform at school gatherings and competitions and always received excellent feedback from my classmates, instructors, and anybody else who heard me sing. I am not properly trained in singing. I have only ever learned through listening to and singing along with the music.

Name Of Singer

Kritika Sharma

Belongs to



Student bachelor’s degree in psychology


To become Singer

Followers On Instagram


Name of Viral song

Koi Nidiya Kiya

Mode Of Download Kritika Sharma Viral Video Link

Online Mode

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