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Home » BTS V and Blackpink Gennie Dating Rumors, jeju Island, G Dragon Viral Leaked Video

BTS V and Blackpink Gennie Dating Rumors, jeju Island, G Dragon Viral Leaked Video

BTS V and Blackpink Gennie Dating Rumors, Jeju Island, G Dragon Viral Leaked Video: There is an image that has gone popular on the internet. Kim Taehyung, aka V from BTS, and Jennie are shown in a vehicle together. Through the upcoming news, it appears as though both are dating.

As everyone knows, both individuals are members of the renowned band. Kim Taehyung, a.k.a. V, will be a member of the BTS band, whereas Jennie will be a member of the Blackpink band.

Both are south Korean and are popular celebrities. Please read the article below very thoroughly to learn more about the G Dragon Viral Leaked Video.

This week, Korean pop group BTS made its Instagram debut. While the lads were accumulating millions of fans each hour, one band member found himself in a delicate predicament.

BTS V and Blackpink Gennie Dating Rumors

V, who was browsing the app, followed Jennie of BLACKPINK. However, the decision was made by accident, as he swiftly stopped following the celebrity. His message on WeVese only confirmed that it was an error.

Full Name Of Male Star

Kim Taehyung aka V belongs to  BTS Band

Full Name Of Female Star

Blackpink Gennie belongs to Nand Blackpink

Pic Viral on

May 2023: Both are together in Car


BTS V and Blackpink Gennie Dating Rumors, jeju Island

Both are the famous personalities of

Southe Korean stars

Pic Viral on


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BTS V and Blackpink Gennie Dating Rumors

K-pop dating rumors continue to simmer in the middle of nowhere, and this time, two of the industry’s most notable performers are caught in the midst.

Indeed, we are discussing Jennie and V, who have been the talk of the town after a rumored photo of them was ‘leaked.’

Join the group if you think something came out of nowhere. Since last night, anyone who has been around the internet is undoubtedly aware that BTS and Blackpink have rendered the internet inaccessible. According to a brand-new image that netizens think depicts V and Jennie.

Here is a peek at what has happened! The Korean media recently stated that Jennie and G-Dragon have ‘broken up’ Due to the absence of proof from both parties, Blinks continue to believe that the couple never dated in the first place.

But things became much more complicated when, within minutes, a claimed photo of V and Jennie from the island of Jeju began circulating online.

BTS’ V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie were reportedly caught heading to Jeju Island together by a bystander who did not hesitate to record the moment.

Internet users instantly began to debate the veracity of these photographs. Some said these were altered images of V of BTS and J-hope in ‘In The Soop.’

Now, ARMY and Blinks are scurrying on the internet, attempting to verify if the two were indeed together or whether a simple photoshop was used to cause an uproar. Fans are leaning toward the latter option!

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