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Home » Ankita Singh Case Viral Video – Ankita Singh News {Justice For Ankita}

Ankita Singh Case Viral Video – Ankita Singh News {Justice For Ankita}

Ankita singh case viral video – A 19 years old girl was burnt alive by two boys. Check out the reason behind it. Also,  know whether the accused gets punished or is still free. To know all the information regarding the case, follow the below article.

ankita singh

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ankita Singh news – ankita singh case viral video:

The Ankita Singh case viral video on the internet. You might be aware of the Jharkhand case of Ankita Singh. She was burnt alive by the name of Sharukh Hussain with his little brother. The girl burnt alive was 19 years old. The accused poured petrol & set her blaze. When she was burnt alive, she was admitted to the Jharkhand hospital & died at the time of treatment.

Additionally, the police arrested the accused and taken to the Jaruadih locality of the city police station, Jharkhand. We have also come across a new angle in this case, which we’ll be going to discuss later. Further, follow the below article to know more regarding the Ankita Singh case. Also, check out the updates about the case from the past two days.

Moreover, the new angle of the case is detecting some other story. And the statements shared by Ankita Singh are different from those. Let’s check out the reality behind it, read out the below article.

General information regarding the Ankita kumari case 2023:

Name of the articleankita singh case viral video
name of the girlAnkita Singh
Article typeMurder news
AccusedSharukh Hussain
Video viral onSocial Media

ankita singh and shahrukh photos – justice for ankita in hindi

23 अगस्त 2023 को अंकिता कुमारी पर उसी के पड़ोसी शाहरुख हुसैन द्वारा पेट्रोल पर कर जलाने का न्यूज़ सामने आया था उसके बाद से ही अंकिता कुमारी को फूलो झानो मेडिकल कॉलेज हॉस्पिटल में भर्ती कराया गया था. लेकिन जब अंकिता की हालत ज्यादा खराब हुई तो उसको रांची राजेंद्र इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ मेडिकल साइंस में अच्छे ट्रीटमेंट के लिए ट्रांसफर किया गया था लेकिन पिछली रात 2:30 बजे अंकिता कुमारी ने अपनी आखिरी सांसे ली. अंकिता की रिलेटिव्स के अनुसार जब है उससे मिलने गए थे तो वह बस एक ही बात बोले जा रही थी कि मुझे बस यह बता दो कि मैं बच पाऊंगी या नहीं.

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ankita singh case new angle found – is the statement given by Ankita Singh false? Check out below:

As you are aware of the Ankita Singh case 2023. The accused in the case was a boy named Sharukh Hussain. He has been sent behind the bars & the investigation is going on. But a new angle in the case has depicted some other story. As per the statement of Ankita Singh, the accused boy was harassing her but police have come across a photo where they both are seen hanging out together.

So, after seeing all this one question arises in our mind. Whether the late Ankita Singh was lying or whether she has done this all under the pressure. The Police are investigating this. Bookmark our page, to get updated on this case news 2023.

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