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Russian Pilot Viral Video Download Link – Twitter, Telegram Link

Russian Pilot Viral Video Download Link – Twitter, Telegram Link: We are receiving quite disturbing news. This article is about a video that has been widely shared on social media. A Russian pilot viral video searches for this viral video.

This video includes delicate material depicting a 28-year-old pilot and a trainee sharing an intimate moment. Users who have not yet viewed the video or are unaware of who was present and what transpired should carefully read the provided article.

Russian Pilot Viral Video Download Link: Russian pilot films mid-air sex tape with trainee

Everyone is fascinated by the folks who are present. Thus, we are here to inform you about this. The pilot shown in the video that went viral was a 28-year-old individual. Reports indicate that he is already married.

In addition to the pilot, a 21-year-old trainee from the Kosovo Flight School of Civil Aviation was seen there. According to the sources, the pilot was his teacher.

Both the pilot and the trainee’s names remain unknown. This page provides comprehensive information on the footage of the Russian flight instructor and his trainee cadet.

A Russian pilot was allegedly sacked after making a sex film with a female trainee in a cockpit.

The unusual occurrence occurred at the Sasovo Flight School of Civil Aviation in Russia when the flight instructor and student engaged autopilot to record their stunt.

According to reports, the pilot allegedly promised the trainee pilot additional flying lessons in exchange for sex. The 28-year-old pilot was operating a Cessna 172 in Russia’s Ryazan area.

After the video went public due to another student’s social media sharing, the aviation school dismissed both of them. According to reports, the woman had already quit before the video’s release on social media.

According to reports, the woman first refused to film the video since the man was married but eventually accepted after he gave her more lessons.

Name Of Viral Video

Russian Pilot Viral Video

Leaked on

Social Media

pilot Age

28 Years

trainee Age

21 Years



Flight Name

Cessna 172 Aircraft

Mode of Video Download

Online Mode

Must check:

Russian Pilot Viral Video Download

We shall now describe what occurred in that viral video. As alleged by the reporters, the man pilot and the learner engaged in sexual activity and filmed themselves in a cockpit during this shocking incident. The pilot engaged the autopilot mode to record the engaged action.

When the video was shared on social media and reached millions of people, and the pilot and female cadet were identified, they were both sacked from the Sakharov aviation school. According to the accounts, initially, the woman refused.

The reason for this is that he is already married. Later, though, the pilot offered her the additional lessons, and she could not refuse.

When questioned about what transpired in the cockpit, she responded that they merely had a brief period of kissing and holding before activating the autopilot.

She further stated that the viral video was created by a fellow cadet with whom she had an earlier altercation and who was seeking retribution. Thus, this is all about the Russian pilot’s viral video.

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