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Nisha Rawal Brother [Rohit Sethia], Boyfriends, Affair – Nisha Madhulika Youtube Channel

Check Nisha Rawal Brother [Rohit Sethia], Boyfriends, Affair – Nisha Madhulika Youtube Channel Check Online. Karan Mehra accuses ex-wife Nisha

Nisha Rawal Brother [Rohit Sethia], Boyfriends, Affair – Nisha Madhulika Youtube Channel: In a recent episode of the reality program Trapped, which Kangana Ranaut hosts, the television star Nisha Rawal disclosed her previous life. Please read the story below to learn more about Nisha Rawal, her past, and the episode where she discussed her life.

Nisha Rawal Brother Rohit Sethia Affair 2023

Who are Nisha Raval and Karan Mehra, and what is their relationship to Rohit Sethia? We will now respond to all of your queries. Karan Mehra is hence a well-known Indian television actor and model.

He has appeared in the extremely popular and one of the longest-running serials, Yeh Rishta kya kehta hai, and a few other serials.

On the other hand, Nisha Rawal is an Indian television actor who has been in several television serials. Before appearing in television serials, she appeared in advertising for Coco-Cola, Sunsilk, etc. In 2012, the two actors wed, and on June 15, 2017, their son Kavish was born.

The couple just filed a lawsuit against each other and wants a divorce. Nisha disclosed to the public that Karan is having an extramarital affair and filed a domestic abuse charge against him. During their argument, Karan Mehra struck Nisha, causing her to require stitches.

In 2015, Karan Mehra also accused Nisha of having an affair, claiming she had committed the same offense. He further claimed that Nisha demanded substantial child support to maintain their kid Kavish. The brother of Nisha reached out to Karan and urged him to forgive his sister.

Name of Actor

Nisha Rawal

Born in

18 November 1984

Name Of Children

Kavish Mehra

Husband Name

Karan Mehra

Viral Because of

She Revealed Her Past Life on Reality Show

Mode Of WatchIng News

Online Mode



Name Of Show


Nisha Rawal

Nisha disclosed something about her life in a recent episode of Locked’s Kangana Ranaut-hosted program. She disclosed that she suffered a miscarriage in 2014 and that she was despondent and needed help due to her abusive marriage.

Then, in 2015, she reconnected with her old acquaintance and became drawn to him since he supported her.

They kissed, and she told her husband, Karan Mehra. She chose to end the relationship and give her marriage a second opportunity after being assured that the abuse would cease.

Afterward, however, it is common knowledge that the same thing occurred again, and the couple split up. Therefore, this is all about what Nisha Rawal disclosed about her history in the incarceration episode.

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Karan Mehra accuses ex-wife Nisha Rawal of the affair.

In 2023, television star Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal engaged in a nasty social media dispute after she accused him of abusing her physically. Nisha and Karan have been living apart since then.

In a recent interview, Karan discussed Nisha’s ‘extramarital affair’ and said that she lived in his home with another guy for about eleven months. Karan stated that the man had abandoned his wife and children for Nisha.

Nisha and Karan were wedded for more than nine years before 2023, when Nisha accused him of physical abuse. Together, the couple has a kid named Kavish.

Karan was apprehended in May 2023 after Nisha submitted a police report accusing him of physical abuse. After a few hours in custody, he was released on bond. After his release on bail, he disputed physical assault charges against Nisha and subsequently claimed she was having an adulterous affair.

Nisha Madhulika Youtube Channel

In a recent interview with News NCR, Karan said that Nisha had an adulterous affair and lived with him in his home for 11 months. He claimed, “Even after he admitted his affair, I permitted him to enter the house again.

We attempted to start afresh, and then Kavish occurred. Still, it occurred. In such a circumstance, it is evident who was thinking what. Even now, he resides in my home.

This individual has been in my home for the past 11 months. He entered my home while leaving his wife and children outside. All of these things are now apparent to the public. In this circumstance, I am waging my struggle.”

Nisha recently claimed in the ALTBalaji show Lock Upp that she had kissed a man when she was still married to Karan. She stated, “I was naturally attracted to him because I believe there was a lack of support; therefore, it was normal for me to be attracted to him.

I received considerable emotional support from him. There was a time when I kissed this individual. I confessed to my ex-husband on the same day.

I also informed him, “Our relationship is not in a healthy state.” We had previously discussed leaving ways, and after that episode, I stated, “I’m certain I don’t want to be in this relationship; therefore, we should split ways.” It was tough for me to express it, but it was not received well at the time.”

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