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Navneet Rana Viral Photo, Capital TV, Kanpur Amar Ujala, Nawab Malik

Navneet Rana Viral Photo, Capital TV, Kanpur Amar Ujala, Nawab Malik: This article is about a Navneet Rana Viral Photo, Capital TV, Kanpur Amat Ujala, Nawab Malik.

Navneet Rana’s MRI photos

On Monday, Shiv Sena leaders stormed Lilavati Hospital to interrogate the administration over the photographing of Amravati Member of Parliament Navneet Rana when she was receiving a scan.

The hospital has also received a show-cause notice from the H West ward office. As electronic gadgets and metal items are not permitted in the MRI room, the hospital has begun an investigation and will take measures against the responsible party.

Navneet and her MLA hubby Ravi Rana were detained on April 23 and freed on bail a few days later in connection with the Hanuman Chalisa dispute.

She was brought to the hospital immediately after her release due to neck and back discomfort symptoms. On May 6 and 7, she received an MRI, and a photo of her receiving the scan went viral on social media.

Sena MLC Dr. Manisha Kayande, who was part of the delegation that visited the hospital alongside former mayor Kishori Pednekar, stated, “Our worry is how someone could enter the MRI room with metal or electronic objects? We have also posed the same question to hospital administrators.”

The team also sent a letter to the hospital, written by Kayande, stating: “The news that Mrs. Navneet Rana was admitted to Lilavati Hospital from jail was widely reported in the media.

The patient is examined using an MRI scanner during therapy, where metal things are prohibited. Before it, relatives of a patient were slain at Nair Hospital when an iron gas cylinder was dragged into an MRI machine.

How did the management of Lilavati Hospital let the photographer or cameraman into the machine room during testing? Would the hospital have assumed responsibility if the MP’s life were in danger?”

Kayande continued, “If MP Rana can provide her MRI image, why not her MRI report? She must also post the report on a social networking site.” AT MIDDAY, Dr. S. Ravishankar, the hospital’s chief executive officer, stated, “Patient Navneet Rana is an MP; thus, she has protection.

Many other ministers who are admitted here are accompanied by security personnel. According to the patient’s physician, abdominal and spinal MRIs were performed on May 6 and 7.

But it occurred during a moment when the person was engaged in conversation with the patient, and someone shot a photograph from behind.”

“The assistant municipal commissioner of H West ward has issued a show-cause notice for investigation, and we must submit a report. We are investigating to determine who is responsible for the security breach.

He continued, “Strict action will be taken.” When questioned about doing a favor under political pressure, he responded, “We are physicians and healthcare providers.

For us, a patient is a patient. We cannot determine which civilization they belong to or which political party they support. We must treat the individual.”

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Man booked for taking photos of MP Navneet Rana in Lilavati Hospital’s MRI room.

Wednesday, the Bandra police arrested an unidentified guy for allegedly taking images of MP Navneet Rana when she was undergoing an MRI scan at Lilavati Hospital on May 6 and distributing them on social media.

Based on a report by Amit Gaud, a security supervisor at Lilavati Hospital, an FIR was filed under sections 448 (trespassing) and 336 (act done rashly or recklessly endangering life) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

According to the complaint, the alleged event occurred about 10 p.m. on May 6 when Navneet was sent to the MRI division of the radiology department. He claimed that her husband and MLA Ravi Rana, his security officer, and an unknown individual accompanied her to the MRI division.

“An unknown someone took images of her while lying on the MRI scanner. He then distributed the images to the media and popularized them on social media.

It is against the guidelines to bring any metal or electrical item inside the MRI room. In addition, a sign declaring “no photography or filming” was posted outside the room, according to the complainant.

The complainant said that the defendant lacked the authorization to conduct the activity. The hospital’s CCTV camera recorded him, and the tape has been turned over to the authorities.

The move occurred days after former Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar and Shiv Sena MLC Manisha Kayande visited the Lilavati Hospital and questioned the administration about how photographs of Navneet were taken and shared on social media.

Navneet was taken to the hospital last week following her discharge from Byculla prison.

Navneet and Ravi, who were detained on charges including sedition for publicizing the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa at the private house of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, were granted bail in a special court.

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