M2m Ferry Booking 2022 – Mumbai-Alibaug RP-to Car Ferry Timings, Ticket Price, Gateway to Mandwa

M2m Ferry Booking 2022 – Mumbai-Alibaug RP-to Car Ferry Timings, Ticket Price, Gateway to Mandwa. M2M Ferry Online Registration Login.

Making plans to go from Mumbai to Alibaug? I am pleased to share some great news with you. Three years ago, when I traveled to Alibaug, I had to utilize public transportation such as a Rickshaw or bus to reach Alibaug from the Mandwa Port.

However, this time, I was able to drive to Alibaug thanks to a new ferry service from Mumbai to Alibaug provided by M2M boats.

Mumbai to Alibaug by M2M Ferries

M2M Ferries Private Limited recently launched the Ro-Pax Ferry service in collaboration with the Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) and the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT).

No longer must you drive three to four hours from Mumbai to reach Alibaug. With the new M2M Ferries, this duration has been reduced to 1 to 2 hours.

With M2M Ferries, you are permitted to bring your vehicle, whether a car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle, which considerably lowers your trip time.

M2M Ferry Cost

M2M Ferrie services between Mumbai and Mandwa have begun. It is a massive vessel that can transport automobiles and bicycles to Mandwa. This service is contemporary and pleasant.

The Maharashtra Maritime Board and the Mumbai Port Trust support M2M Ferries.

The service reduces the five-hour road journey of about 110 kilometers to just one hour by water and is offered year-round.

Price of Service

  • 360 rupees for Adults
  • The minimum cost of a car is Rs. 1000 for a small automobile; however, this varies depending on the type of vehicle. The average price for four-wheelers is around Rs. 1200, compared to Rs. 200 for a wheeler
  • Online booking can be made here: m2mferries.com

(Cost in Rupees)

Ajanta 135
PNP Maritime Services 185 215
Maldar Catamarans 150 195 215
Apollo Catamaran 150 195 150

M2M Ferry Timings

The Ro-Pax M2M Ferry departs daily from Mumbai – Bhaucha Dhakka Port and Mandwa Jetty Port at different times. You can check the M2M ferry schedule on the official website.

M2M Ferries’ travel time from Mumbai to Mandwa and Mandwa to Mumbai is about one hour.

M2M Ferry Service

M2M Ferries or the Ro-Pax Ferry is built to keep up to 500 people and 150 automobiles. It will not just save not only time but also money and gasoline.

The greatest thing is that the M2M Ferries are active seven days a week, providing a handy mode of transportation for those who commute daily from Mumbai to Alibaug for business.

The M2M ferry sails between two ports, Mumbai’s Bhaucha Dhakka Port and Raigad’s Mandwa Jetty; therefore, if you are in Mumbai, you should board at Bhaucha Dhakka Port.


I truly think the M2M ferry will be the nicest time you have ever spent. Do you remember the Pyar ki Kashti Mein song? It’s one of my favorite songs. You will get the same feelings here!

I would strongly suggest using the M2M Ferry service on your future trip to Alibaug.

Also, don’t forget to visit the Maharashtra Tourism website to learn about the greatest tourist sites surrounding Alibaug, such as the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Murud-Janjira Fort, Alibaug Beach, and Kihim Beach, among others.

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